Monday, January 9, 2017

Everything Google knows about you and how to remove it

When you use Google, you are making a deal. You get to use services like Gmail, Drive, search, YouTube, and Google Maps for free.
In exchange, you agree to share information about yourself that Google can share with advertisers so their ads are more effective. For instance, airlines want to target people who love to travel. Children’s clothing makers want to target parents.
Google uses a lot of methods to learn about you. There’s the stuff you tell Google outright when you sign up for its Gmail or to use your Android phone. This includes your name, phone number, location, and so on.
To delete and disable your search, app, YouTube search an watch history click here
To check and disable your location history click here
After removing you search history from Google, you can click here to go through the Privacy Checkup Review to pause Google from continuing to save your searches and location history.
Don’t forget that Google targets ads based on your interests. To pause interest based ads, click here.
Google doesn’t stop there when it comes to interested based ads. The same is done by Google even when you’re nto on To pause interest based ads beyond click here
Source: Everything Google knows about you – Business Insider

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