Monday, April 24, 2017

Baby’s Health Rapidly Declines After Receiving 13 Vaccines at One Time – Mom Accused of Abuse for Disagreeing with Doctors

 Medical kidnap is starting to happen at an alarming rate. The more we stand up for ourselves and the health of our family, the more renegade doctors are going to feel threatened. Be safe.) A young Georgia mother had no idea that a routine trip to the pediatrician’s office for her son’s 1-year check-up would change her son’s life forever, and leave her fighting the state for custody of her own son. When the nurse-practitioner told her that her son was a little behind on his shots and they would need to catch up, Durenda Whitehead didn’t question the need for the vaccines. She did, however, question the safety of giving 13 vaccines at once.
Durenda’s pediatrician assured her that it was fine   Full Story Here

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