Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Dank Meme 9/11 Blacksmith Debunked - (For the undying moronic Jet Fuel Argument)

Some ignorant blacksmith was tired of hearing "jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams", so he heated up a thin steel beam inside a furnace to 1800F degrees to show how easily it can bend. Somehow that video got 7 million views within a month (because the American mainstream media helped). The original is called "for the undying moronic 9/11 jet fuel argument".

What he clearly did not know is that even NIST (the government agency paid by the Bush regime to cover up 9/11) admitted that none of the WTC steel (that they claim was exposed by the jet fuel fire), reached temperatures higher than 600F degrees. But the brainless official myth believers think that his demonstration somehow supports their myth.

As a nail in the coffin for the official theory, NIST contracted with UWL to see if they could use jet fuel fires in a furnace (optimal temperature conditions at 1500F) to weaken or soften the floor trusses under a 2 hour long period. No weakening let alone melting was observed from that test.

Now why is this damning for the official myth? Because other independent investigators have found clear evidence of molten steel at ground zero, in the form of pools during the clean-up as well as steel girders that showed clear signs of melting and holes in them. Yet NIST claims no temperatures higher than 600F-1000F degrees occured at any point in the towers?

Don't believe there was molten steel at ground zero?

The original "blacksmith vs dank memes" video:

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