Tuesday, June 6, 2017

THC-A Stopping a Zellweger Syndrome Child's Seizure

Published on Jun 6, 2017
Maddie suffers from Zellweger Syndrome. A terminal, genetic disease that destroys the white matter of the brain. According to the national institute of health most children with this devastating disorder do not survive past their first year of life. Maddie is 4 years old. April 10, 2015 at 2 years old, Maddie's medical team had ran out of options. Little Maddie was on 26 pharmaceuticals, on hospice and a do not resuscitate order was placed. Desperate for something to ease her pain we discovered full extract cannabis oil and returned to the hospital expecting her short life to come to end. It is now two years later and she is off hospice, stopped having grandmal seizures, is on 4 pharmaceuticals and continuing to improve. Here, you will see as I stop a seizure within minutes with a THC-A Isolate. Madeline has gone 86 days without a benzodiazepine PROVING that THC CAN STOP SEIZURES! In this video I also want everyone to take note of where we are. Not at home. We are in the emergency room at Seattle Children's Hospital. I NEVER have and never will hide Madeline's cannabis medicine from her providers because it is crucial to her care. I am completely open and honest about dosing, administration, cannabinoid content. Through positive engagement, by reminding her providers that I am a critical member of her care team they listen. Imagine being in their shoes. Imagine telling a family, it's time to start making end of life plans, we are out of options. Imagine that same child coming back to the hospital off of all those drugs you knew she would die on? Imagine watching cannabis save a life? I advocate for cannabis patients and the providers who are desperate for research. By educating my daughters medical team, showing them cannabis works, they support us. They uplift us, and they accept cannabis as a part of her care even when being admitted. PLEASE SHARE AND HELP EMPOWER OTHER PARENTS TO STAND UP!

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