Friday, July 28, 2017

Mother claims in lawsuit daughter forcibly given HPV vaccination

A mother has filed a federal lawsuit against a child behavior services center in Mississippi claiming the center forcibly vaccinated her daughter against HPV, a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cancer.
The then-15-year-old girl, a native of New York, ended up in the Canopy Children’s Solutions, the former Mississippi Children’s Home Services, in Saucier, for inpatient psychiatry treatment.
Gulfport attorney David Harris Jr., who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the mother and daughter, said the lawsuit isn't about the human papillomavirus vaccine debate.
"What concerns me the most is the wishes of the patient and mother were overlooked and completely disregarded," Harris said.
Canopy hasn't responded to the lawsuit, which presents only one side of the legal argument.
Canopy issued a statement late Tuesday in which it said: "A recent allegation was made regarding this facility, an allegation which Canopy Children's Solutions takes very seriously."
"Canopy is committed to best practices in all aspects of our care and prioritizes continuous performance improvements as a cornerstone of all of our programs," the statement said. "We have maintained the public trust for over a century; we have rigorous processes for investigating any allegations, and are committed to doing so as this case moves forward."
During the admission process on Feb. 2, the teen’s mother was requested to provide consent for her daughter to receive immunization injections, but she refused the request, according to the lawsuit.
The mother said she specifically refused to provide consent for her daughter to be injected with the HPV vaccine because of its associated side effects. The mother’s refusal was noted in her daughter’s medical records by a nurse, according to the lawsuit.

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