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Jennifer Lopez - In West Hollywood (7/13/18)

Stevia Kills Lyme Disease (in a Test Tube) Better Than Standard Antibiotics, Study Says

Lyme disease is a very complicated disease to treat, both for the allopathic medical world and alternative medical practitioners, due to its rapid shape-shifting abilities.
It also hides, and is exceedingly difficult to destroy.

"the number of people diagnosed with Lyme disease each year in the United States is around 300,000. Notably, these estimates do not affect our understanding of the geographic distribution of Lyme disease.

Lyme disease cases are concentrated in the Northeast and upper Midwest, with 14 states accounting for over 96% of cases reported to CDC."

Conventional antibiotics often fail to produce a long-term cure, but could there be a natural way to combat the disease more effectively and safely?

A recent study(Effectiveness of Stevia Rebaudiana Whole Leaf Extract Against the Various Morphological Forms of Borrelia Burgdorferi in Vitro)  published in the European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology would seem to suggest so, having discovered that Stevia has the potential to terminate late state or chronic Lyme disease.

The CDC says that, though 80-90% of the cases reported are considered resolved with the treatment of antibiotics, 10-20% of patients go on to develop the chronic form, which is a persistent and sometimes devastating illness that can harm any organ of the body, including the brain and the nervous system.

The culprit behind Lyme disease,  Borrelia burgdorferi which is a bacterial infection, is spirochete bacterium . The antibiotics proven to kill this form of bacteria are doxycycline and amoxicillin.

However, Borrelia burgdorferi can be found in morphological forms, including,
  • spirochetes
  • spheroplast (or L-form)
  • round bodies
  • biofilms
When conditions are considered unfavorable for the bacteria, it morphs into the dormant round body, then hides in a biofilm form. When conditions are favorable, however, it can shift back to its spirochete form.

The study on Stevia, was conducted by researchers from the Department of Biology and Environmental Science at the University of New Haven in West Haven, Connecticut.

The researchers concluded that,

"Stevia whole leaf extract, as an individual agent, was effective against all known morphological forms of B. burgdorferi."

Stevia leaf extract  is rich in many phytonutrients that are known antimicrobial agents.

For this study, the antimicrobial effect of stevia extracts was examined in comparison to doxycycline, cefoperazone, daptomycin, as well as a combinations of these antibiotics, as they were revealed to be effective against the persistent forms of Lyme disease.

Results showed that the stevia leaf extract was effective against all forms of the bacteria in lab tests.

Four extracts were tested, and one was chosen as the most potent, thought to be the outcome of its growing conditions and the agricultural practices utilized.

The stevia extract was found to work against even the most antibiotic-resistant of the bacteria, known as the biofilm. The individual antibiotics, on the other hand, actually increased the biofilm rather than eliminating it.

The clinical study will need more investigation and trials to move forward, but offers promising hope that we will soon see a better and safer treatment for even the most persistent forms of Lyme disease.
The study even found the extract was able to lower high blood pressure and reduce blood glucose in type II diabetics.

Iceberg tsunami warning: Greenland fishing village on red alert as locals gripped by fear

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$4.69 billion verdict against Johnson & Johnson's talcum powder

Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $4.69 billion to women who say baby powder gave them cancer
On Thursday, after just 8 hours of deliberations, a St. Louis jury awarded $4.69 billion to 22 women who alleged that their ovarian cancer was caused by using Johnson & Johnson powder as a part of their daily feminine hygiene routine. This comes after J&J paid $80 million in punitive damages (in addition to the $37 million in compensatory damages they were ordered to pay) to Stephen Lanzo III last month. Lanzo, a retired banker, developed mesothelioma after using the asbestos-contaminated talcum powder products Shower to Shower and Baby Powder from 1972 to 2003. And after a Missouri state jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million dollars in damages to the family of a woman who died from ovarian cancer that was linked to their talc-based Baby Powder and Shower to Shower product. She had used the products for several decades.
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WARNING: Blue Pill Junkies Should Avoid This Show


Trey Gowdy vs Peter Strzok in EXPLOSIVE Exchange at House Oversight Hearing on anti-Trump Texts

'Anti - Trump Texts' FBI Agent Peter Strzok Testifies before Congress on Russia Probe

Coming Soon: Bill Gates-Funded Birth Control Microchip

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'See you in court' aunt tells nephew after $1.2-million Chase the Ace win

'See you in court' aunt tells nephew after $1.2M Chase the Ace win
Barb Reddick says she only put her nephew's name down for good luck — and now she's going to sue him for his part of the $1.2-million prize.

New 'Exotic' Tick Begins US Invasion, And It's An 'Aggressive Biter'

Baby Dies Just 4 Days After Being Vaxxed ~ Blame is Put On the Unvaxxed

Stormy Daniels arrested at Ohio strip club

The Tragic Story of Weston and Emily Wyatt.

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A New Jersey woman on oxygen dies after the power company shuts off her electricity

Taylor Swift - in Turks & Caicos 7.9.18

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Britney Spears - Reagan National Airport Arlington Virginia July 10th 2018.

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Taylor Swift - Harpers Bazaar 2018

Laura Prepon - Out in NYC 7/7/18

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Blood pressure medications recalled due to contamination with potential carcinogen

Samoa pulls MMR vaccine following two deaths

The Samoan Government has seized supplies of the MMR vaccine following the deaths of two children.
Reports suggest the children, both one-year-olds, died within minutes of receiving the vaccine on Friday. Few details are currently available, so these comments may be updated if further information becomes available.
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Vaccines: Medical Rape or Personal Choice?
Japanese Attorneys Representing HPV Vaccine Victims Urge Government to Ban HPV Vaccines
 APPENDIX 9: Betrayal of Public Trust & Institutional Corruption: Vaccine Safety Ratings & Vaccine Science Falsified

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Selena Gomez - Boarding a yacht in NY 7.8.18

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Martina McBride - 10th Annual ACM Honors Nashville August 30th 2016

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Homemade Chips: 50 Healthy & Delicious Chips Recipes

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Easy to follow steps!
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Top Vaccine Rights Attorney Threatened: Give Up Client List Or Go To Jail
 Please sign one of these petitions:
 (a) Petition for Attorneys:
(b) Petition for Non-Attorneys:

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Shopping in Beverly Hills 7.2.18

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Mandy Moore chiaparelli Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 Paris Fashion Week Show

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