old-spice injuries from deodorant use               *Old Spice deodorant is known for keeping active men fresh between showers, but some consumers are taking the brand to task for having various injuries related to its products.
A class action lawsuit filed against Old Spice makers Procter & Gamble reveals claims from victims who accuse the beauty and health giant of covering up “thousands” of reports of painful allergic reactions caused by using Old Spice products. Injuries mentioned in the suit range from rashes to third degree chemical burns.
“Indeed, the problem is rampant, and rather than acknowledge the serious issue, Defendant is concealing it in order to continue selling the product and reaping windfall profits,” an attorney for the plaintiffs wrote in court documents.
The documents are cited in a report from the NY Daily News, which named 13 Old Spice deodorant products — including Swagger Classic Fresh and Pure Sport High Endurance brand — as potentially “defective” and dangerous products.
Included in victims’ lawsuit are comments from angry consumers who posted pictures online as well as a complaint from Rodney Colley. According to the Alexandria, Va. man, using the Old Spice Pure Sport High Endurance stick resulted in him suffering rashes and chemical burns. Adding to  Colley’s complaint are photos with the court documents that show the extent of his armpit injuries(see photo above).
“Deodorant is not intended to cause burning, rashes, irritation and other discomfort,” the documents noted while further highlighting the consumers’ outrage over using a product they felt was safe.
Weighing in on the lawsuit, a Procter & Gamble spokesman told the Cincinnati Enquirer that only “a small number of men” have suffered allergic reactions to its products, which the company attributes to “irritation due to alcohol sensitivity.”
The class action lawsuit from the consumers is asking for “at least $25,000 in damages for each Old Spice victim.”
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