Friday, September 30, 2016

Embarrassment To Be An American

If the United States, Secretary of State Kerry wishes ti play a game with Russia, they (Russia) cares less that you are willing to talk to them. Remember, Russia has the *BEST SATELLITES* in the world and they know what you are up to. Just think if they were to make Syria a Territory of Russia:) The USA has failed, yet again. Are you willing to give your Life, for a Gas Pipeline? Yeah, I think not! It is an embarrassment to be an American in this day and age, in my opinion!

Rihanna August 29 2016 - Candids At Nobu Restaurant In Manhattan

Miley Cyrus - Leaving a nail salon in Studio City 9.29.16

Christina Aguilera - At the Drake & Future Concert in LA 9/29/16

Demi Lovato - At Catch restaurant in LA 9/27/16

World Alert : Monkeypox Outbreak In Central Africa

Here is the entire story posted just yesterday.
This is a very serious situation and it is my Opinion that ALL FLIGHTS from this region need to be blocked from entering the USA and other Countries, ASAP

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