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Marijuana and Coffee are Good for the Brain

9/11: Follow the Money find the criminals

Exposing the fraud of 9/11 in 22 minutes

C-SPAN Callers keep bringing up 9/11 being an inside job

Marijuana May Prevent Memory Loss by Reducing Brain Inflammation

Interestingly, but certainly not surprisingly, research has surfaced refuting the common notion that marijuana kills brain cells and impairs memory, a notion that has been hammered in our heads for decades. To think our public education system and organizations such as D.A.R.E deceived us would essentially be to not think. Thanks to the brave researchers and patients who continue to come forward with evidence proving the medical benefits of marijuana, one is only required to possess the minutest amount of comprehensive thinking ability in order to separate fact from fiction, and reality from conditioning. Here is a list of 20 Medical studies that prove cannabis can be an effective treatment, and possible cure for cancer. It doesn’t stop there, all you have to do is look for it instead of continually believing what you are told.
Researchers at Ohio State University found certain components of marijuana to be beneficial for the aging brain, as they were proven to reduce brain inflammation and regenerate dead brain cells. Such information may come as an astounding fact to many, as it is the complete opposite of what we have been taught in regards to marijuana’s effect on the brain. The common notion that marijuana impairs memory function and kills brain cells is turning out to be quite contradictory to the truth, meaning public schools and organizations we trusted to help us were, in reality, harming us by robbing us of a truth that could save our lives in the future. Cannabis has shown to be a key to good health, even more so when we eat it rather than smoking it.
This research would be an especially exciting breakthrough for those affected by Alzheimer’s, as Alzheimer’s is thought to be the result of a chronically inflamed brain, if the government miraculously woke up and ceased to deny human beings of their rights to healthy lives by nationally legalizing marijuana. Furthermore, this research offers a potentially major breakthrough for those with late stage neurological Lyme disease (neuroborreliosis), as a vast majority of debilitating symptoms caused by the disease stem from inflammation of the brain.
Due to its ability to regrow brain cells and reduce brain inflammation, it is quite possible marijuana will be, and always has been, the perfect antidote to neurodegenerative diseases. One can only hope others will continue to bravely speak out about the benefits of marijuana in an effort to give future generations a shot at a health care system, and ultimately a quality of life, unparalleled to our own.
**Although you may know a habitual smoker who seems to suffer from memory loss, it is important to note that said benefits of marijuana were achieved using extremely low doses. Researchers discovered a single puff a day is enough to provide an individual with significant, long-lasting health benefits. As with anything else, it is not meant to be abused.

University of Arizona professor claims firing was political retaliation

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Scarlett Johansson - Out & About in NYC 7/29/14

Katy Perry - Rolling Stone August 2014

Taylor Swift - Out in New York 7/29/14

Dr. Morgan Reynolds - The Fake Planes of 9/11

9 11 - NO PLANES-VIDEO FAKERY - Watch for proof !!


Retired Expert Pilot John Lear - No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11

The Watchtower does NOT want you to see this video - The name Jehovah is FALSE!

Charity Commission for England and Wales - DO YOUR JOB!

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Selena Gomez Out & About In NYC - 10.07.2014

Rihanna & Justin Timberlake - Rehab video clip promoshoot, 2008

Longer Video Sheds New Light On Tim McGraw “Slapping” Incident [WATCH]

Tim McGraw
A few days ago, we brought you the story about a controversy that arose from a video of Tim McGraw appearing to slap a female fan during a concert in Atlanta. Now the country superstar is speaking out himself about the incident.
TMZ initially posted a video that showed a female fan aggressively grabbing at McGraw as he went down to slap hands with fans at the edge of the catwalk during his performance of, ‘Truck Yeah.’ From the angle of the clip, it looked as though the singer might have slapped the fan in response. But a representative for McGraw issued a statement clarifying the situation, stating the singer had “instinctively swatted” in response to having his jeans ripped by the woman. A second video from a different angle clearly showed that the fan had in fact torn McGraw’s pants, nearly knocking him off balance in the process. Security quickly removed the woman from the concert after the incident.
A longer video that was recently posted online, may also show the woman appearing to touch McGraw inappropriately. You can see the video below and decide for yourself.

Read more Here

Hants County woman warns prescription drug abuse is ‘in our backyard’

Sarah Leopold’s own family tragedy has inspired her to do her part to get prescription pills off the streets.

Sarah Leopold learned about the dangers of prescription pills the hard way.
On Jan. 29, 2013 Leopold received some devastating news: her cousin, Corey Zwicker, accidentally overdosed as a result of mixing hydromorphone and alcohol.
Zwicker, 23, was away from his hometown of Windsor working in Regina, Saskatchewan at the time of his death. He was watching a hockey game the night he died, Leopold said.
“There’s so many cases where people take half a pill and they don’t wake up the next morning,” she added.
Zwicker’s obituary describes him as a competitive athlete with a good sense of humour and strong connection to his family.
A memorial washer toss tournament Zwicker’s family hosted in Mount Denson recently raised $1,000 for the Get Prescription Drugs Off The Street Society (GPDOTS).
“We just wanted to do something in his memory because it was such a sudden, preventable and premature death.”
The money will help GPDOTS pay for a banner that will be carried during the FED UP! — Rally For a Federal Response to the Opioid Epidemic demonstration scheduled to take place in Washington, DC this fall.
“Prescription pills are the fastest growing drug problem in North America among all ages and demographics,” said Leopold.
Prescription pill abuse, Leopold stressed, is a nation-wide healthcare crisis that consumes both addicts and their loved ones.
“You become addicted to their addictions,” she said, referring to the worry and stress that go hand in hand with addictions.
“You become so consumed in their life and what you can do.”
Leopold wants the masses — young and old — to know prescription pills can be just as lethal as heroin, cocaine or ecstasy if consumed in an irresponsible, or uninformed, manner.
“It’s time to start talking about prescription drugs and the dangers and what we can do as a community to make a difference,” she said.
She says small towns, rural communities and large cities are all impacted by prescription drug abuse.
“It’s here, it’s now — it’s in our backyard,” Leopold said.