Saturday, April 1, 2017

Breaking News- Hillary Official Caught Taking 1 BILLION Russian Ruble Bribe From Russian Gov’t

ALERT: Hillary Official Caught Taking 1 BILLION Russian Ruble Bribe From Russian Gov’t
Liberals keep bemoaning Russia’s supposed “interference” in the election. Rather than blame their candidate, Democrats have spun an intricate web of lies tying Trump to Putin.

In truth, a recent investigation has proven that the true Russian conspirator was in the Democrats’ camp all along. This week, it has been confirmed that John Podesta, the former advisor to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, was paid 1 billion rubles ($35 million) by Moscow.

According to longtime Clinton critic and investigative journalist Peter Schweizer, in 2011, while Podesta served on the board of the Massachusetts-based company Joule Energy, the company received healthy donations from a Russian company called Rusnano. Podesta also served as a director of Rusnano.

Podesta’s relations with Moscow are only the tip of the iceberg. During her time as the head of the Clinton Foundation, Hillary routinely cut deals with Russian oligarchs and companies that have ties to Putin’s government.

In one infamous case, the Clinton Foundation used a company controlled by a political friend to sell U.S. uranium to Russia. Uranium is a key ingredient needed for making nuclear weapons.

All told, the Clinton Foundation received $145 million in donations from Russian uranium investors connected to Rostatom, a civil agency dedicated to enhancing nuclear energy for Moscow, via WND.

In typical Clinton fashion, former President Bill Clinton received $500,000 for giving a speech to members of a Russian bank with connections to the Kremlin. Hillary Clinton was the secretary of state at the time.

Such corruption should not surprise anyone. The Clinton Foundation has long been guilty of pay-for-play scandals involving Russia, Haiti, and Africa.

Furthermore, the revelations that Podesta colluded with Russian investors to sell off American uranium are simply more proof that Democrats and their supporters on Wall Street are thoroughly un-American.

Despite all of their talk of “free markets” and “capitalism,” many large corporations are for the most part globalist entities that care very little about the plight of American workers. These multi-national behemoths also routinely collude with the U.S. government in order to form monopolies that keep major industries from competition.

As a result, despite what the Bernie Sanders crowd barks, Wall Street and corporate America are full of big-government liberals, via Town Hall.

The scandal over John Podesta’s link with Russia should serve as a reminder why Trump’s movement is so necessary. Too many corporations are rotten with foreign corruption. Similarly, while the Democrats see Americans as uncultured simpletons that can be engineered through political correctness, Wall Street supports the total collusion of our beloved America with cheap foreign laborers to simply line their own pockets. This must stop now.

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