Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sandy Hook: The Event That Never Happened Yet Medevac Helicopters Launched (Just not in CT)

This may start the RATIONAL thinking person to ask the question "What is
the difference between the Sandy Hook Hoax in NJ, and the Sandy Hook
"event" in Connecticut?" Answer becomes very obvious...

June 11, 2012: Sandy Hook, NJ

HOOK — A timeline of Monday’s events involving reports — later found to
be false — that a yacht had exploded off the New Jersey coast:

4:20 p.m.: A radio distress call from an unidentified man comes into
Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service New York over VHF channel 14, a
marine designated frequency. According to the Coast Guard, the caller
says three people are dead and nine others are injured after an
explosion aboard a yacht called the Blind Date, 17 1/2 miles east of
Sandy Hook. He then says 20 of the 21 people on board are in the water,
wearing lifejackets, according to the transmission.

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